We love what we do and we take pride in what we do. Each are some examples of the industries we have worked for. Each project is unique, entertaining, and meaningful in their own way. Feel free to give us a call to hear more about some of the more interesting projects over coffee!.

Banking & Finance

With the dynamic changes in regulations and product/service development in this industry, WMM continuously conducts research within this segment.

Consumer Goods & Appliances

From specialty food and beverage to consumer electronics to home and household white goods, WMM conducts studies using a comprehensive range of methods such as online diaries, home observation, home interviews, home product testing, etc.

Fashion, Beauty & Apparel

The majority of our work within this segment has been with international clients around the globe, helping us gain valuable insights into how different cultures perceive aesthetics, beauty, and wellness.

Healthcare & Medical

WMM has broad international experience and an extensive scope of clinical study areas within this segment.

Luxury Segment

WMM has a large target demographic network for the luxury segment and the ability to attract interest in participating in our insight-gathering sessions.

Media, Technology, & eCommerce

The WMM Team is always excited to be a part of product development exploration and user experience testing for the latest and greatest next-generation technology product.


With a wider definition of transport and mobility, WMM works on a variety of projects to improve traditional automotive products as well as explore the future of personal transportation modes such as e-bikes, hover boards, self-driving car technologies, etc.

Travel & Leisure

Our multi-national, well-traveled team often has first-hand experience and the inside scoop regarding the latest and greatest in travel and leisure.

Teens, Tweens, & Children

WMM researchers have extensive experience interacting with and observing children and their families while being sensitive to their environment and unspoken dynamics.

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Since our founding in 2004, we have been obtaining meaningful answers to your questions through reliable recruiting and strategic combinations of research methods.


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