19 Years
of Experience

With 19 years of experience, WMM is one of the most well-established market research firms in Germany. Those valuable years have allowed us to demonstrate our expertise and know-how within various market segments. Our experience has taught us to be agile and to evolve symbiotically with the needs of our clients and respondents. As a result, we’ve remained relevant and at the forefront of methods and technologies that enable us to optimize market research projects better than the others.


Our clients are our biggest cheerleaders. Most of them are repeat customers from all over the world who have returned time and time again with interesting and rewarding projects. We are thankful for the privilege of being a part of their growth journey. One of our greatest achievements is the relationships we build with our clients.


In some cases, our value is delivered through the perfect execution of our clients’ project plans. In other cases, our experience alone is added value when we share it with clients in order to improve and/or optimize their project plans. In both cases, close collaboration is a key success factor in every project and relationship.


In order to gain empathy and relate to respondents and clients from various cultures and walks of life, we have a well-traveled, multi-cultural, multi-lingual (7 languages and counting!) team at WMM. Having a diverse team contributes significantly to the success of our portfolio and to conducting market research projects worldwide.

Digital Presence

We are the only qualitative fieldwork agency in Europe with a respondent app created in 2014

Now with

23.471+ with ios
19.121+ with android

Respondents in Germany