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Following is a list of research methods we offer. Different terminologies are used within the industry to describe these activities, so feel free to contact us with any questions!

In-House Panels

WMM has a qualitative panel with over 142,418 registered respondents in Germany alone. Our extensive criteria variety and key metrics enable us to search efficiently and quickly for respondents who meet your study requirements. Our panel is updated on a regular basis to always meet our clients’ key factors.


Client Databases

WMM can also work with a client’s pre-existing database, using it as a starting point for recruitment. This is especially helpful if the incidence rate is below 1%, where the participant demographic is often non-consumer stakeholders within niche specialties or patients with very specific disease patterns.

Research Promotion

WMM has outreach activities designed to recruit new respondents with street promoters during local and international events. In addition to traditional online and phone recruiting methods, we also use our top-notch promotion team during events. This outreach gives us a unique and important opportunity to connect with our respondents in a more personal way.

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Social Media

WMM’s social media effort has reached over 5,100 followers on Facebook alone, and is rapidly increasing on a monthly basis. This has become an important research tool in order to reach certain respondent target groups.

Proprietary App

WMM is the first market research fieldwork agency in Europe to use its own proprietary app to engage and recruit respondents for studies. We currently have 42,862+ respondents using the WMM app.

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CATI Recruitment

WMM also uses traditional CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) methods for recruitment purposes, especially for projects in which WMM is specifically engaged, to ensure high-quality respondents.

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Determine Research Objective

Having a clear project objective from the get-go is critical in being able to determine the correct target user and research methodologies, creating key areas of exploration, and most importantly, measuring project success.

Define Target Users

Identifying and understanding user segmentation and behavior with regards to specific markets is fundamental in creating strategic research plans and in translating user insights into actionable design recommendations.

Evaluate Appropriate Methods

WMM believes that each research project has a unique set of requirements, with tools and methodologies tailored specifically for that project. Our team develops creative ways to recruit, execute fieldwork, and present research insights when traditional methods prove less effective.

Create Key Area of Exploration

WMM has an extensive portfolio across multiple industries. This has enabled us to acquire considerable knowledge within multiple research topics as well as understand diverse user character and behaviors. This in turn helps us create highly specific key areas of exploration for every research project.

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We often combine and customize what we offer to meet your research project objectives for various industries/segments around the world.

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